Mother’s Bracelets

What more meaningful gift for a new mom is there than a beautiful, uniquely designed mother’s bracelet?  . These gorgeous bracelets let the world know the names  of your children and are an elegant and distinctive way of expressing your love for your children and your pride at being their mom. Mothers bracelets are also an ideal mother’s day gift for the mom in your life, whether it’s your mom, your children’s mom, or a close friend who just became a mother. Other occasions where a mother’s bracelet might be an ideal gift include birthdays of the mom or child, Christmas or Hanukah, or to celebrate the birth of a newborn.

Mother’s name bracelets are  special pieces of jewelry that carry the name of a child, or children, so that a mother can keep a reminder of her loved ones with her, and her thoughts will never be far from them. Aside from the special personal significance a mother’s name bracelet has to it’s owner, it is also a lovely piece of jewelry to display to the world.

A mother daughter bracelet set in silver has a simplicity and elegance that makes it a uniquely tasteful choice for mother and daughter. They distinctive and subtle design catches the eye, which is inevitably drawn to the gleaming round and corrugated silver beads of the bracelet. The bracelet can be completed with any choice of toggles, heart clasps or lobster clasps. Most bracelets carry a name of course, though this is optional.