Jewellery, specifically for a mother and child seems to be all the rage these days. Personalized jewellery that celebrates the bond between mother and child uses all kinds of features such as tags, charms and many other things. Mothers bracelets started off the mommy jewellery trend, based on the entire culture of friendship bracelets. Mothers bracelets are usually presented at a new arrival. These bracelets are usually quite similar to charm bracelets and include a tag that lists out the details of the new baby such as date of birth, name and even the baby’s measurements at birth.

This trend has now expanded further, and is used to celebrate various important milestones in the relationship between a mother and her child. These gifts are presented at a girl’s 16th birthday, a quinceanera or even at a graduation. Sometimes the mother and daughter get matching bracelets each personalized with either their birthstones or tags with important details engraved.

Mothers bracelets, though starting out as a simple piece of jewellery, has now developed to such a level that designers are even starting to fashion out their own versions of it. Usual designs for mommy bracelets use Swarovski crystals and other precious and semi-precious gemstoneswhich are variations of birthstone bracelets and are even quite similar to pearl baby bracelets.

Another popular trend with mommy bracelets is the use of beads with lettering spelling out names and favourite words, with the most common being ‘abundance’ and ‘love’.

When choosing mothers bracelets or any other kind of mommy jewellery, remember to choose one that celebrates your relationship with your mother – opt for gemstones, charms and monograms that mean something unique to the both of you, making it even more special.