My Daughter Creates Art Jewelry Rings

My sixteen year old daughter makes the cutest art jewelry rings for her friends. She makes tiny clay designs that are significant to the person and bakes them. After they are hard, she glazes them and attaches them to a premade ring with tiny gold or silver wire. It started when she made one for her best friend while she was in the hospital. After that, everyone wanted one. I think they are just adorable and she should sell them online or something.

As a special gift for my 50th birthday, she made me a whole set of green jewelry.  I normally wear a lot of purple and like to accent it with green where I can so she figured it would be perfect. While it is not gemstones, it is quite lovely. It does not look like a young girl’s set, but like a set of good costume jewelry. She made a ring, a necklace, a bracelet and a pair of earrings. I asked her if she could add an anklet and toe ring to the set for me.

She is getting quite adept at making handmade jewelry rings. I honestly believe that she could make some money on her work. It would be a nice way to have spending money when she goes away to college without having to worry about getting a job. Then she can come home on vacations and for the summer and not worry about losing her income. I think I will push the idea a bit more. I do not like the thought that she won’t be able to come home for holidays.