Patriotic Jewelry

With the fourth of July around the corner, many Americans like to show their patriotism by wearing one of the latest fads – patriotic jewelry. The most popular patriotic jewelry include pins, earrings and watches.

One of the most popular pins is the Margot Townsend pin, made from blue, white and gold crystals. The crystals make the shape of a bow and will set you back only $19.99 on Amazon.

If you would like to spend on a piece that is more elegant, you could opt for a blue, white and gold 14K gold pendant and chain. The pendant, which is in a shape of the American flag, has rubies, diamonds and Sapphires. This beautiful piece would set you back $195 on a web site called

A Christmas tree broche that includes the American Flag, can be a great investment to wear throughout holiday season. The broche is made using Rhinestones of different colors and is available at $22.00.

If you have a family member in the US army you may want to show your support by buying Service Flag Jewelry. Service Flag Jewelry come on pin as well as pendents and has reasonable prices of $3.99 and $12.99 respectively. Buy them from, which sells them online with approval by the Department of Defense.

Some other popular items are American flag shaped earrings. These designs include ear studs and dangly earrings, which can range from $22 – $99 online. Ladies watches have also become a popular choice. These watches, designed by Fossil, are made of Rhinestones in blue, white and gold.