Planning Your Reception with Wedding Favors

It takes a lot of people to put a wedding reception together. Normally, there are friends and family who provide support and assistance throughout the planning process. To thank them for their hard work, consider giving them wedding favors. There are a number of favors to choose from, including bottle stoppers, picture frame coasters, cake boxes, placecard holders, and much more. The mere gesture of a wedding favor goes a long way; it shows that even during such a busy time, you haven’t overlooked the support of the people who care about you.

When it comes time to choose flowers for the reception, silk flowers are often ideal. Much more affordable than real flowers, they don’t wilt or require watering, which can be messy and time-consuming when you’re dealing with them in large quantities. Roses are the traditional route, though there are daisies, hydrangeas, carnations, irises, and petunias, just to name a few. You can liven up your bouquet with smaller filler flowers like delphiniums and sunflowers, too.

As for centerpieces, there are literally countless ways to go. One of the more interesting options is a floating candle bowl. These are usually small glass or plastic bowls that you can fill with water or even colored stones and then add small tea lights. They are less conventional than standard vases, and they add an air of elegance to any reception. Also, they tend to be much more affordable than traditional vases.