Planning Your Reception

A successful reception, wedding or otherwise, relies heavily on the proper décor. Something as simple as a round tablecloth can go a long way in providing the proper atmosphere. In addition to protecting the table surface, tablecloths provide a kind of stage for all of the table accoutrement—candles, centerpieces, dinnerware, etc. Color is important, obviously, as are length and material; linen is generally very pretty, but it may not be appropriate for all functions. Sometimes taffeta is the way to go; it is often very affordable, and sometimes it is more festive than linen.

Flowers are also an important part of any reception. While people tend to prefer live ones, silk flowers are usually a better investment in that they don’t wilt and are much less costly. They can also relieve some of the stress of planning because you don’t have to worry over where to store them until the big day. Finding the right type of flower is important—roses aren’t always appropriate, despite their popularity—but most wholesalers will make every type available, from lilies to tulips to irises. The occasion and number of people attending your reception should determine which type of silk flowers to use.

Finding a way to personalize your event is a great idea, and one of the best ways to do this is personalized ribbon. Many ribbon suppliers can produce printed ribbon of any color with a personalized message on it. It’s a terrific way to let your attendees know how much you appreciate them.