Right Hand Rings

Right hand rings are all about women celebrating their individuality; their independence. While the left hand is essentially for the married woman, the right hand ring is one that is extensively advertised by jewelers.

Unlike the traditional wedding band or engagement ring, the right hand ring is more similar to the fashionable cocktail ring. The more common type of right hand ring has a small cluster of diamonds. They are mostly worn on the fourth finger on the right hand, and sometimes on the pinky as well.

In terms of target market, the right hand ring is advertised at women between the ages of 34 and 64. On the top of this list are women who have been previously married and do not really need to wait for another man to put a ring on her finger. High flyers and the rich are really those who are proud owners and wearers of the right hand ring.

While it is mostly single women that wear this type of ring, it is not confined just to them. Married women too adorn their right hand with this ring. It is an ideal gift to make to them as well, in reminder of their independence and personality.

The Jewelry Consumer Opinion Council report in 2003 stated that the most desired gift of jewelry were right hand solitaire rings. The right hand ring industry was also estimated at a whopping USD $5 billion that very year, by the Diamond Information Centre.

In this time and age, you need not think twice about buying yourself that gorgeous right hand ring. It is time you reward yourself. Go ahead. Splurge!