Safeguarding your Fine Jewellery

Your fine jewellery must be protected against loss, theft and damage. First, visit an independent jewellery appraiser and ask them to provide you with written documentation on the appraisal of your jewellery. This should include accurate listing of your jewellery as well, including details such as carat weight, distinguishing features and their current value.

Next, check if your home insurance policy covers your jewellery as well. If they are completely covered according to the amount appraised, then you have nothing to worry about. However, if it is not, then you must choose an insurance that will completely cover the value of your jewellery. Add-on extra items to your existing insurance policy. This can be a less expensive option than having a separate policy.

Once you’ve insured your jewellery, purchase a fireproof safe to store them. Another option is store unused jewellery in a safe deposit box at your bank. Some pursue other ‘safeguarding’ options such as storing jewellery in less than obvious plans such as tissue-stuffed cans, books and even electrical outlets.

While this might be a lengthy procedure, take photographs of your jewellery and store them in a safe or even a secure location.

The process does not end here. Remember to get your jewellery periodically inspected and reappraised. Jewellers recommend that jewellery be brought in annually for a ‘check-up’. After all, jewellery does have an emotional value to it as well – so you must do everything you can to protect them.