Selecting that special diamond engagement ring

Its brilliant appearance put diamond and diamond jewelry into the leader of the pack. As the legend says, diamond jewelry started with the rich and royalty in the 15th century Europe. Apparently, Maximilla of Austria gave a diamond engagement ring to bride to be Mary of Burgundy at their wedding. This may be why for centuries diamond jewelry represented social stature of people wearing them. Today diamond jewelry represents much more than the social stature.

So, diamond jewelry comes in many forms and it is important to select the correct piece for the event. Here we are concentrating on Diamond engagement ring. They come in many forms at various prices. Therefore, any one shopping for a diamond engagement ring need to understand the budget limitations, style they are interested in, and size of diamond before going shopping. Also don’t forget the four C’s: color, cut, clarity and carat. A good diamond is colorless but many have some form of color. Cut brings out the brilliance of the diamond and determined the shape. Clarity contributes more to the price of a cut diamond while carat contributes the rest. Pay attention to the reputation of the jeweler that you are buying your diamond engagement ring.