Silver Bars or Silver Eagles?

I know that we have all seen an action flick in which millions of dollars work of priceless jewelry, silver bars, gold bars, or just dollar bills is stolen by the villain, and then the hero must triumph over him/her and rescue the money/priceless objects, only to be rewarded with some of the treasure in question. Do you ever wish that you could be that hero, sailing in to save the day, and walking home with a set of priceless American silver eagles? That would sure beat making minimum wage – you could buy a house and a fleet of cars on one pay check – and I’m not talking just any house, but one with a pool, a Jacuzzi in every room, and countless other amazing features. The house of everyone’s dreams.

Forget going to work, mopping floors, dusting off proof sets, making the same old fast food day after day. One day as a super hero, and you would never have to work again – EVER. In one paycheck you would never have to work again; you could buy anything that you wanted, and never have to worry about spending money again. Honestly, if you are someone who is struggling to make it on a 2 pairs of shoes a week type of budget, than the super hero gig might be your thing. All you have to decide now is if you prefer silver bars or silver eagles!