Silver Dollar Coin Values For Your Collection

Getting the best coin values for your precious coins comes about from a mixture of cold calculations and pure luck.  Precious coins are collector items and as such, there are those that will be in very high demand for their rarity and some will have a high value due to the metal that makes them. Some silver dollar coins may be much higher priced than gold coins due to their rarity. However in normal circumstances, a gold coin is always more valuable than a silver coin. It all depends on who is looking for them and how badly they are needed.

A silver dollar will be valued according to its popularity and rarity. Some silver dollar especially those minted in the late 19th century are extremely rare and ask for high prices. Some Morgan dollars like those minted in the 1870s will fetch substantially more than those minted in the second round in 1921. They are limited in circulation and only collectors with a good collection will have them in stock.

A Morgan dollar is always a popular collector’s item. While they are precious, they are not that rare compared to for example, coins of the 1770s. Many collectors will usually have Morgan dollars hence their popularity.  Morgan dollars have a .900 fineness and about 0.77 troy ounces of silver. This gives it some price but not very expensive. Having a collection of these is bound to cost some money but again silver dollars are value in store. They are a good way of saving.