Six Reasons Your Jewelry Looks Cheap

34Written by Costbuys

You want your jewelry to lift your outfit not cheapen it. However, with so many jewelry online shopping stores, it can be hard to distinguish what will look good on a computer screen. Therefore here are some mistakes to avoid when buying jewelry.

It’s a little childish and you’re a grown-up – This includes jewelry, like charm bracelets, animal pendants, and butterflies. Even if these types of jewelry cost you a pretty penny, they are for children or teenagers and should be avoided at all costs.

Random beads on a piece of string – Wearing jewelry with multiple layers of beads will make you look older than you really are. Instead, opt for as little beads as possible on one single necklace.

The enamel work is sloppy – Your enamel work should look smooth with clean edge where the enamel meets the metal

The metal is too bright/ shiny – Cheap jewelry will look overly shiny due to the paint coating the metal. Therefore, choose darker metals if you can’t afford gold, silver or platinum.

It’s flimsy – Heavier metals look more expensive compared to lightweight jewelry, which looks cheap. Look for jewelry which weight is appropriate to its size. When buying jewelry, look for how the item hangs and how it moves on your body.

Gemstones are obvious fakes –Avoid fake stones and opt for clear crystals instead.

Beware of online shopping deals for jewelry; instead consider shopping on reputed jewelry sites, where you have shopped with before.


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