Slim is in, but make sure you accessorize

When it comes to pants and jeans for women, slim is in. Fashionable women everywhere are wearing tight-fitting jeans and pants that accentuate slender features. However, many women also combine this with a snug top – while this might seem to make sense, the end result frequently makes it look too much like the person is wearing a dance leotard and little else.

Instead, women should consider more billowing and relaxed tops. One thing that can bring balance to a silhouette is fashion jewelry. Pieces such as Fiona Paxton jewelry can sparkle and dazzle, bringing attention to the upper half of the body and adding fullness to the overall silhouette.

So the next time you go online to buy the latest skinny jeans, consider also heading to a fashion jewelry online store such as Rilee & Lo to get some necklaces, pendants and other accessories to bring some glam balance to your look.