Sourcing coin dealers

Getting into any kind of coin collection, whether it be Gold, Silver or rare coins, presents one very tricky problem – sourcing trustable coin dealers. This is more difficult than you think and will present a huge headache to you.

The obvious step in finding a coin dealer is to go online and look for one. This is perhaps the easiest and most convenient way of going about the matter. But, how do you trust the dealers you find online? You can’t just put up a question on Yahoo or some other website and ask for trustable coin dealers; this will only get you a flood of spam and false answers. If someone has a very good dealer who comes up with authentic rare pieces for a collection, they are not going to share the contact with anyone. Why should they?

So this leaves us with a very tricky problem. The only way to circumvent this is to do some hard researching. This means trawling forums, blog and social media avenues to find what people say or rather rant about coin dealers they have come across. Through a careful sifting of this information, you can settle on a short list of trustable dealers who supply rare coins or gold bullion coins for collectors. Even here, you should take care (especially when dealing with gold) to ensure the authenticity of the item you are buying. A collection is only valuable as long as it is authentic; otherwise all you have is a pile of metal which is only worth its curiosity value.