Spring 2010; Jewelry for Neutrals and Bright Colours

Fashion for Spring 2010 are neutral colours as well as bright and warm hues. Keep reading for tips and suggestions on jewelry you can wear to help complete the ‘spring’ look this year.

Jewelry for White, Beige and Taupe
Gold jewelry and pearls will go well with these three colours. Taupe however can be a bit difficult to match jewelry depending on the shade. If it takes on more of a shade of grey as opposed to a brown, then silver jewelry will complement it best.

Necklines for Spring 2010 are low, and what better than bid-type statement necklaces to fill up the bare space. If your outfit has oversized collars, then stay away from necklaces. Instead, add on some chunky, oversized bracelets.

Jewelry for Patterned Garments
Strong patterns would mean a simple pair of earrings only. Any other jewelry would just ruin the look and take away from the gorgeous design on the fabric. Instead, tiny earrings that complement the colour of your outfit will do just fine.

Jewelry and Bright Colour Garments
Top colours for Spring 2010 are yellow and blue, which go really well even together. You can wear blue aquamarine, blue topaz, blue turquoise with yellow outfits. Keep in mind that either silver or gold jewelry do not go so well with yellow.

For blue shaded clothing, tourmaline, yellow topaz and citrine jewelry will complete the look. Silver jewelry also goes quite well with this colour. Earrings, bracelets, bangles will all complement simple styles.