Storing Sterling Silver Chain Jewellry

Chained jewellery can get pretty messy especially when it gets kinks into it, especially smaller chains. Storing sterling silver chains must be done with care. Of course it is more affordable than gold or platinum however taking care of sterling silver can end up costing you quite a packet. Especially, if you do not take care of it properly; the less careless you are, the more you will have to spend to get it repaired and even replaced.

The two biggest maintenance problems with sterling silver jewellry are kinks in the chains and tarnish. Here are more details on how you can avoid your silver chains from kinking during storage.

Kinks in Sterling Silver Chains
Take into account how manufacturing companies store their chains. They store it on reels. This can be quite useful for storing silver chains, especially the delicate 2mm ones. Smaller lengths of chain can be wound on a smaller reel and then placed in plastic bags for safekeeping.

Making a Sterling Silver Chain Reel
Use an empty paper towel roll to make your own reel for your sterling silver chains. Cut the paper towel roll into smaller sections ensuring that you cut it horizontally and not vertically, making a number of narrow rings of cardboard. Wind each silver chain around the reel and secure it in place by cutting in a slit at the top. Thread the beginning and end of the chain through the slit.
For heavier chains you could even use individual size water bottles cut into rings. Once you have your chain rolls done, you can store them in leftover shoeboxes or cheap plastic boxes you can purchase at discount stores. You can even go one step further and organize the boxes by the different sizes and lengths.

Storing Sterling Silver Chains in Plastic Bags
Purchase small zip-lock bags and store your silver chains in them. You can buy the bags in different sizes to suit the size of your necklaces, and make sure it fits in snugly. Remember to store one necklace per bag.