Taking Care of and Cleaning Jewelry

Jewelry are the personal touch for any personality. They help express how the person is feeling and lets everyone know what your personal style is. Unfortunately, unclean and unkept jewelry only says “I’m messy” and “Ew!” from others. Its not just about having the jewelry but taking care of it as well. As the saying goes, your precious bling can ‘be forever’, just make sure to take care of it properly.

Now taking care of and cleaning jewelry doesn’t have to be expensive or require pricey cleaning items. It can be as simple as a soft bristle tooth brush and plain toothpaste or using jewelry cleaners specifically catered to the type of trinkets you have. Then all you need are minor cleaning tips to maintain your jewelry’s beauty. If you are using toothpaste, make sure to brush the jewelry lightly to prevent any scratches. Wipe off excess make up or skin oils after wearing them using a cotton cloth. 100% cotton fabrics are the best since they don’t tend to scratch.

Reduce tarnish on silver jewelry by wrapping it in tissue paper and store it in a plastic bag. You can also soak your jewelry in mild soap and warm water to remove dirt and oils for a few minutes, then thoroughly dry it before storing in an airtight, plastic container. The last thing you need is rust on your jewelry because it wasn’t dried properly. If your jewelry have already tarnished, it can still be saved by polishing it with a cotton cloth and a nonabrasive metal cleaner. These cleaners are specially made for certain metals so your jewelry will be cared of. If none of these tricks work, there are also products that can add new shine to metals. Just make sure to read the product’s description well to give the best sheen to your metals. Finally, always make sure your jewelry doesn’t get in contact with certain chemicals that are guaranteed to tarnish your goodies.