The 4 C’s of Diamond Quality

Diamonds are generally evaluated using the “four C’s”. The quality of every diamond depends on each stone, as each one’s characteristics depend on various factors.

Cut – The look of a diamond is determined by the manner in which it is cut. This can, in a sense, either make or break the diamond, and determines the price at which the diamond is sold by as much as forty percent. If a diamond is cut well, its ability to reflect light between facets, will give it, its sparkly composure for which it is so well known. Cutting a diamond with precision can only be managed by the most skilful in the trade, which must of course take into account the proportions of the stone, its finish and symmetry as well.

Color – When purchasing a diamond, always make sure that you get to view it under a light which is neutral and the stone must not be mounted. This is the best way to judge the color of the stone. The color of a diamond is rated between D and Z, with the whitest of the lot rated D and Z rated stones taking on a light, yellow tinge. The best stones are the ones rated between G and J.

Clarity – When you look at a diamond under a microscope, the blemishes or anything else that you can see, will determine its clarity. Some professionals in the industry also refer to it as the purity or quality of the diamond. These imperfections found in diamonds make it less valuable, whereas, finding diamonds with zero imperfections are quite rare.

Carat – The weight of a diamond is measured in carats. Interestingly, most diamonds used in pieces of jewelry weigh less than a single carat.