The 5 Stages of Wearing Jewellery

Article by Avetis Jackson of The Jewelry Review

There is a type of jewellery for every stage of a woman’s life.

  • Infants, yes, some babies already wear jewellery as soon as they come out of their mother’s wombs. This could be good luck beads, teething bracelets and other specialized bracelets and necklaces with their birthstones. But always make sure that the type of jewellery that your baby wears is safe for them.


  • By the time those babies grow up to be little kids, they ditch their teething stuff for candy bracelets and jewellery, the kind of jewellery that is edible and wearable at the same time. Also this stage often comes with friendship beads and straps of braided yarn from childhood friends.


  • The right age for wearing silver is when a little kid turns into a teen. Silver jewellery could be given as a coming of age gift from girls’ parents, or they could come from a special someone. But one thing’s for sure, silver is totally perfect for high school.


  • After a girl graduates from high school and college, they graduate from some of the past’s jewellery as well. The average adult woman will start wearing jewellery with precious stones like diamonds and rubies. They’ll start experimenting and mixing up their executive looks with precious stones.


  • And finally, when a woman gets to that very ripe age, they wear pearls. Pearls really do go with older women, it seems very appropriate for them to wear this kind of jewellery. Of course they don’t really ditch the gems all throughout, but younger women rarely wear pearls.