The Charm of Charm Bracelets

Article Written by : Fancy That Jewelry Design

The wearing of charms and charm bracelets, like all other jewellery, dates back to prehistoric times. The popularity of charm bracelets was revived when Queen Victoria of England wore charms on bracelets and pins in the 1800s. During World War II, soldiers brought back little trinkets for their wives and mothers, who then put them on their bracelets.

Charm bracelets are also passed down as family pieces from mother to daughter as a ‘coming of age’ present.

Charm bracelets are popular for many reasons. The jingling noise when you move your wrist and the fact that it looks so appealing. It is also a piece of jewellery that is extremely personal and unique. Charms come in different shapes and sizes representing zodiac signs, religious affiliations, favourite cartoons, etc.

Some charm bracelets have gemstones placed in such a way that they spell out a message. For example: ‘I Love You’ – iolite, lapis lazuli, olivine, amethyst (the gemstone of St. Valentine), emerald, yellow zircon, obsidian, aquamarine (the magical substitution for emerald which is the gemstone of Umina, a Peruvian goddess). You can be as creative as you like with gemstone selections to spell out your own personal message on charm bracelet.

Bridal charm bracelets should essentially consist of pearls and blue chalcedony gemstone charms. Pearls stand for purity and are a popular favourite amongst brides, while blue chalcedony is the gemstone of Nelle, an angel of incredible beauty. It also covers the ‘something blue’ on a bride’s ‘attire’ list.

To charm bracelets more personal, add charms to your bracelet over time – representing a period of your life, thus creating a wearable history.