The Mens Guide to Buying Diamond Jewelry for Your Loved One

Men often feel that the media and sometimes their loved one pressure them to purchase the perfect diamond ring. With the wide variety of diamond jewelers and designs in the market today, the whole process may feel quite daunting. Here are a few easy tips that might make that decision a whole lot easier.

• What does she like? – Pay close attention to the type of jewelry she wears, you would have a better idea if she likes designs that are classical, bold or simple. You should also look at the color of jewelry she prefers. For example, does she like gold, silver, or white gold?

• Know her ring size – Check her ring size. You can be sure that she can wear the ring straight away and prevent costly resizing. You could take one of her rings to the jeweler or just ask her to go with you.

• Know your diamonds – If you know what to look for when choosing a diamond, you would be able to get the best product for the best possible price. Make sure you consider the four C’s: Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat.

• Start shopping – Make sure you have sufficient time to look around; this way you avoid rushing to buy a ring that you do not really like. You could start with browsing online jewelry website and looking through jewelry catalogues.

• Ask her friends or relatives – If you are still unsure and need more assistance, contact her best friend, sister or mom. They often have a good idea what she might like. Good luck!