Time sheets and payroll

Payroll checks are normally distributed by the Campus Director every Thursday weekly, and are available for pick-up after 3:00PM. Payroll checks are not released earlier than 3:00PM unless authorized by the Administrative Manager. Additionally, payroll checks are only released to the employee, and may only be released to a designated individual or mailed to the employee in cases where the employee provides written authorization to the President or Campus Director.

Employees must report their time on timesheets for all time worked. Timesheets should reflect the approved work schedule as noted on the Personnel Action Form or other documents or communication provided to Employee. Any hours above regularly scheduled hours must be approved in writing by Manager in advance. Employees are expected to work all hours scheduled and take any breaks required. Timesheets are available through the employee’s Manager. Inaccurate (Overstatement of hours or understatement of break periods) are grounds for immediate termination.

Employees should note that payroll received on any Thursday reflects the previous one week period and not the week in which the time sheets are processed. Managers must ensure each employee’s time sheet is completed correctly according to the time worked and any specific time off before submission.

If a time sheet is not submitted, or if an employee’s time sheet is incorrect or incomplete, payroll will only be processed with the data submitted that can be verified by the manager. All time sheets must be signed and dated by both the employee and manager.