Tips for Buying Gold Coins

When buying gold coins there are many quality attributes you should look for such as year, karat, and overall quality. The first tip when buying gold coins is to check the reliability of the dealer when buying from a store be sure to check and see if they are a member of the Professional Numismatists Guild if they are then that is a big plus on a scale of quality and reliability. If you buy from eBay or from on online source be sure to check their feedback from previous customers, and to ensure a safe transaction ask if the seller will agree to use that will ensure that you look at the coin and are satisfied before you pay the dealer. A second tip when buying gold coins is to check on the grading and don’t settle for a single person grading it, get multiple opinions on the grade of the coin so you don’t get tricked into paying too much for low quality. Third tip when buying gold coins is to make sure the dealer has a return policy that will allow you a full refund if you dislike the coin. You always want to have the option of returning a coin. Fourth tip is to by the coin that the dealer doesn’t have a million of while still checking into quality. When you buy one of those coins that has been reproduced a million times over you are buying it a lower price due to quantity but when one series goes down in demand and quality they all go down and you are left with a lemon. The fifth and final tip when buying gold coins is to buy regularly, gold coins are like buying anything from the stock market in the idea that it is hard to determine the tops and bottoms and over time you will have made more money and a better buy to have a collection over a series of time instead of bought all at once. Buying gold coins can be tricky, but as long as you follow these five tips you will succeed in making great purchases.