Vintage Jewelry For Your Special Someone

Giving someone a ring is a huge commitment. But what do you want this ring to mean for her? A ring can mean a lot of different things: trust, faith, devotion, etc. Sometimes it’s hard to find the right one though. It’s too big, too small, too busy, or just not busy enough. One romantic idea is to pick a ring with a story. Antique rings are a guaranteed way to win a girl over. The ring has a history–one that is a mystery–but a history nonetheless. Giving a girl an antique ring is a chance to continue writing the next chapter in history.

Vintage rings are another way to go if you’re picking out a ring. In previous decades, these rings were the top-of-the-line, but now they’re hard to come by. These have great potential to embody your loved ones’ personality. Is she full of fire? Then her ring should be too. Try a 10 karat yellow and white gold garnet ring. Is she an easy-to-please, kind of girl? Try a plain, simple one karat white and yellow gold diamond ring. Find one that you think best fits and depicts your loved one, and go from there.

Vintage jewelry in general is a great choice for a gift if you’re not set on getting a ring yet. Earrings, non-diamond rings, bracelets are bracelets are all option to peruse through.