Wear a Piece of Time

Wearing jewelry is as old as humankind itself. Ever since the beginning of human history, people have been wearing jewelry of some type. Of course in those days they didn’t have the materials and technology as found today, but the basic concept was the same. This would be, to adorn the human body, and sometimes animals, with objects that are considered to be attractive. These could be twigs, leaves, seashells and bones. In fact it is safe to say that there is no culture in the world where jewelry in some form or type, was not used. This tradition continues to this day. In some ancient cultures such as Egyptian and Indian cultures, even as long as three thousand years ago, jewelry making became a highly evolved science.

These cultures used gold adorned with polished gemstones to create some magnificent jewelry pieces. In fact some of the styles adopted by these ancient artisans continued for a long time. Today antique jewelry is in class of its own. The demand for antique jewelry has not dimmed one bit, and there are many suppliers catering to this demand. In order for a jewelry piece to become qualified as antique jewelry, it needs to be at least a hundred years old. Vintage jewelry on the other hand only needs to be over twenty five years old. Antique jewelry is classified into several different eras. They are the Georgian period, the Victorian period (1838-1900), followed by Arts and Crafts (1900-1924), and Art Deco (1920-1936). Art Deco and Retro style strictly speaking falls under the vintage jewelry style.