Wearing the Right Type of Jewellery in the Right Place and Time

Matching clothes and shoes with jewellery as a lot easier than it sounds. Just think about themes. Listed below are some environments that you can use to guide yourself on what piece of jewellery you should use to complement an outfit.

  • Executive Environment/Work place- A lot of women are always troubled about what type of jewellery is appropriate for work. In an executive outfit, you wear a blazer, a blouse, a pencil skirt or slacks, and medium heeled shoes. For jewellery, stones are acceptable, but try to stay away from dangling earrings.


  • Casual Environment – Of course, it’s always important to look slightly elegant even on a lazy afternoon of relaxation at the park. Wear just a hint of silver, and instead of adding precious stones, why not try intricate braids of brown leather, yarn or thread. If you are relaxed, your jewellery should be too.


  • On A Date – Try to wear less jewellery while on a date. It is a common misconception that most guys like a lot of jewellery, but that is not the case. Jewellery is only supposed to complement your look, so less is more. Don’t distract your date with too much jewellery so he will remember you and not the jewellery you wore.


Formal Events – When going out on formal events, think about the setting, this time you can go all out with your expensive jewellery, but always remember that a piece of jewellery is an accessory and not the outfit. It should complete and complement your look but not overwhelm it.