Wedding Centerpiece Tips And Ideas

Once guests arrive at a wedding, what is the one thing that they see the most throughout the entire event? That’s right, the wedding centerpieces. If there is one thing that embodies the entire look and feel of your wedding, this is it. Special care should be taken to coordinate all the aspects. Some of the basic elements of a centerpiece could be flowers, candles, and a proper structure.

A classy but unusual idea for a centerpiece is to use a floating candle. Generally used in smaller weddings with intimate settings, especially at nighttime, they add ambience, especially when lit. Keep in mind that the candles and the actual vessels have to be purchased separately. Mix and match the color of the candles with the other items on the table.

Even the color of the tablecloth will play into how the centerpiece is hilighted. A clear water vase with floating candles will need a lighter colored table cloth.

There is no shortage of ideas on wedding centerpieces online, and once you do find the combination that feels right, you can order everything online.  If you have a decent amount of time before the wedding, you can order singles of different items and try putting together the centerpiece and see what it looks like.