Wedding Favors for You

If you are a meticulous planner with particular monetary OCD, and you need some help setting up your wedding, look no further.  I am here to give some basic money saving tips to those who are getting ready to tie the knot.  First of all, I know how much we all love the smell and sight of real beautiful blooming flowers, but what happens if you favorite flower is out of season?  A bouquet could easily run you more money that you would care to think about.  But don’t fret, that doesn’t need to be the case – because silk flowers are coming to the rescue!  Silk flowers will save you money, and you don’t need to do anything to preserve them for years to come. 

But silk flowers aren’t the only way to save money.  If you are into ribbons, specifically personalized ribbons that match the bridesmaids and groomsmen and whoever else, remember that ribbon is expensive too, and wherever you can, replace designer ribbon with something purchased from a craft store.  Don’t fall into the trap that every must be literally perfect – I mean, who is even going to be looking at the ribbons on railings or gazebo when you are standing in front of it for the whole service?

Last but not least are wedding favors, some people try to go all out here, but really, you need to be more frugal.  The bridesmaids and groomsmen can get thoughtfully planned out gifts, but for everyone else, try something less expensive – and more generic.