What Are Belly Button Rings?

Rings that adorn your navel are commonly called belly button rings. They are fastened by piercing the navel, through which a ring is passed. A fairly modernistic kind of piercing, belly button rings are quite the fashion these days. Historians are unsure if belly buttons were used in ancient times.

Most belly button rings are circular, but there are other variations as well. Some are in the form of a curved barbell. Belly buttons are generally made out of gold and silver and are even made out of titanium and niobium. Do not even consider using belly button rings made out of plated metals as not only can these break fairly easily but can also cause irritations and even allergic reactions.

The size and thickness of belly buttons are the easiest way to classify them. The size of circular belly button rings is measured by its diameter, while barbell belly button rings, by its length. The gauge of the belly button ring is used to determine the thickness of the ring. The most common being the 14 gauge barbell. Other sizes include 8, 10 and 12 gauge belly button rings.

Not everyone can wear a belly button ring. Remember, if you are considering getting one; first ensure there is enough skin on top of the navel to hold the ring. Otherwise, there could be complications you could do without. Even the most experienced piercers who say they can manage anyways must not be trusted, and even if they do, it might not achieve the look you want it to.

Getting a belly button piercing is not ‘easy peasy’. Unlike other piercings, they take a lot longer to heal and infect more easily. Once you get your belly button pierced, make it a regular practice to clean it and disinfect it.