What kind of baby bracelet should you choose?

A baby bracelet is no longer just a baby bracelet. The days of simple jewelry for babies are long gone and jewelers now offer a great variety of baby jewelry. So you no longer have to worry about getting the right piece of jewelry for a baby.

However, the definition of right has changed over the years. Now, right refers to products which are baby safe. That in turn refers to two primary factors and a few other secondary factors.

  1. The jewelry must not contain any sharp edges or corners. If it does, the sharp parts can irritate or in the worst case injure the baby. This must be avoided at all costs.
  2. The jewelry must not contain any parts that can be swallowed. This includes any precious stones set into the jewelry and any parts that dangle of the main structure. Any of these can be bitten off by the baby or come off due to shoddy construction. Once that happens, the baby could swallow it and have adverse reactions.

These are things to keep in mind especially when buying birthstone bracelets and name bracelets as they both tend to feature the above concerns. If you really can’t find jewelry to your liking or to conform to safety standards, talk to your jeweler and get some custom made. That way you can add your own personal touch to it and ensure that it is safe for the baby as well.