What you should know before you buy diamond jewelry

Diamond is the most popular jewelry in the modern world. It was available to only those that were privilege in the past. It symbolizes love and appreciation among the masses. Here are some basics to remember when you are shopping for that diamond jewelry for your loved one or shopping for yourself.

Remember four Cs: Color, clarity, carat and cut. The ideal stone is colorless but most diamond shows some color. Clarity refers to imperfections such as hairline fractures imbedded in the stone. Carat is the measurement and more carats means that the diamond is going to be more expensive. Cut allows the stone to shine and there are many different cuts available.

Price: No your limit. It is very tempting to buy an expensive one because it may look more beautiful than the one you can afford.

Know what type you are looking for: There are so many different diamond jewelry items available in the market. If you don’t control your enthusiasm, you may end up buying a wrong piece.

Know the style: If you shopping for yourself you should know what you already own before buying another of the same color and style.