Who Wants Gold Bullion?

Gold is one of the most precious metals on the face of the earth – but the question is why? Why is this resource so much more precious than natural gas, coal, or any other rock or substance pulled from the earth? Gold bullion has been a standard that has been tied to our currency for hundreds of years, since in the centuries when coins were actually forged from the precious metals themselves. Many of us have watched Pirates of the Caribbean, unassumingly glancing over the currency used, which is made to mimic the actual pieces of gold, silver, and bronze of the time period. As far as we can remember, gold trinkets – scepters, crowns, chalices – have been the measure of worth of kings and kingdoms. Even Robin Hood stole coins of gold and silver from the rich to give to the poor. Gold and silver are the unspoken assumptions of those shopping for wedding and engagement rings – no one wants platinum or titanium.

Even the gold American eagle at the top of many flagpoles is a symbol of this country’s connection to the metal. Older monetary references have been made to Fort Knox, such as “she has the house locked tighter than Fort Knox,” which was a term brought about from the times when Fort Knox actually held the gold that was tied to our currency system. Though those days are long gone, the expression survives, much as the ongoing lust for gold in the United States.