Why cut is important in a diamond?

When we talk about diamonds, everyone mention the 4Cs: Cut, clarity, color and carat.  The cut is the most important aspect of the diamond influencing the way it sparkle, its brilliance and its fire.  Cut refers to the shape of the ultimate product as well as proportion, symmetry, and polish.  Proportion and symmetry help the light to focus, travel through and exit the cut diamond to brighten the eye of the viewer and the person wearing it.  Cut diamond should contain five basic parts.

  • A table:  a flat surface on the top of the diamond.
  • A crown:  facets between the table and the midsection.  Traditional diamonds contain 33 facets on the crown.
  • A girdle:  the widest part, midsection, of the diamond.
  • A pavilion:  the section above the lowest part of the diamond.  Traditional diamond has 25 facets on the pavilion.
  • A culet:  the bottom tip of the diamond.

Most cut diamonds comes in three basic styles:  Brilliant, steps and mixed cuts.  There are many different shapes of cut diamonds available in the market.  The shape of the diamond is a personal preference.  Most common shapes include oval, round, pear shape, heart, emerald, princess and baguette.