Why You Should Buy Antique Jewellery

Guest post is submitted by Cynthia Findlay Antiques, a leading provider of antique jewellery that specializes in estate jewellery.  Check out their website for more information. 

There are some great reasons to buy antique jewellery over commercially produced, contemporary items.

1) Unique qualities: Vintage pieces can be incredibly unique.  Something that’s beautiful and well-made never goes out of style!  Antique rings definitely stick out among trendy rings that every woman is wearing.  Antique jewellery is typically versatile and special in its design.  The details are characteristically elaborate and one of a kind.  Part of the reason for this is that many of these gemstones and diamonds were cut by hand instead of by laser, as many are today.

2) High-quality materials: Antique and vintage jewellery is often made from interesting and appealing materials.  For example, copper, enamel, diamonds, jade, are just a few of the beautiful materials typically found on art deco rings and other antique pieces.  It’s best to look for valuable materials such as gold, platinum or authentic gemstones.

3) Affordable: While some antique jewellery can be expensive, there are many affordable pieces out there that still offer fashionable flair.  With older jewellery, your hard-earned dollars will be well spent as the quality tends to be higher than their contemporary counterparts.

4) Collector friendly: Another great advantage of buying vintage is that they can be collector’s items.  You can even select pieces by the time period that you like.  Starting your own antique jewellery collection and eventually flipping it for a profit is another great option with vintage jewellery.

The choice is definitely clear, next time you buy jewellery, invest in something that’s vintage!