Your Wedding Will Dazzle with a High Quality Cubic Zirconium Platinum Ring

When you’re considering a ring for your loved one for your engagement, wedding, or anniversary gift, there are many options.  One option that not very many people consider is buying a high quality cz platinum ring, instead of a diamond ring of the same make. In today’s frustrating economy, a cubic zirconium ring can make all the difference in the world to your budget.

Of the many great advantages of purchasing cubic zirconia over diamonds, the one that stands out the most is the luster. Diamonds have a dazzling sparkle, but you can’t purchase a colorless and flawless stone for a feasible price because they are so rare. According to the website Diff En (, a flawless or nearly flawless 1 carat diamond will cost $4,000 or more; a 1 carat flawless cubic zirconia costs $10. Cubic zirconia is man-made, so nearly all of them are completely colorless and flawless. And they just saved you approximately $3,990.

Engagement rings and wedding rings follow different trends through the years. Colored stones began gaining popularity a few years ago, but after Kate Middleton became engaged to Prince William, colored stones are extremely popular. This leads into another benefit of cubic zirconia: it can be made in different colors. Adding different elements to the creation process can change the finished color to yellow, orange, red, green, purple, pink, golden brown. They can even make stones with multiple different colors in one stone. The effect is lovely.

Some people, when they are to be engaged, prefer to be a part of the choosing process. Some even prefer to help design the ring they want to wear. Thankfully, you can create anything from a cz solitaire ring to something elaborately encrusted with small stones. One popular type of ring for anniversaries is the three stoned ring, representing your past, present, and future as a couple.

Since money is one of the most stressful parts of weddings and marriage, purchasing cubic zirconia is a financially wise decision. If you are about to get married, you will start your marriage knowing that you have more money than if you had purchased expensive diamonds.  If you are already married and have experienced years of money frustration, purchasing cubic zirconia will allow you to give a wonderful gift to your significant other and know that you didn’t have to exorbitantly overspend your budget to do so.

Not only will have the peace of mind that you spent your money wisely, you will do it knowing that you got a top quality product set in yellow gold, white gold, or platinum. These rings are as exquisite as diamond rings, and almost indistinguishable.


Guest post is provided by Chic Jewelry. Platinum cz  rings offer a delightful alternative to more expensive diamond rings. Whether for engagements, weddings, or anniversaries, these rings will dazzle. Visit their website for more information.